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Infrared Coating & Ink Drying System

The Infrared Coating & Ink Drying Systems designed by MMT for offset presses with extended deliveries are unique in many ways. The systems have been specifically engineered for the drying of aqueous coatings as well as the setting of conventional inks on a variety of substrates including paper, board, foil and plastics. The use of both short and medium wave lamps enhances the ability to dry higher density ink levels.

All MMT lamps feature instant off/on capabilities along with gold reflectors that transmit 95% of the energy produced so that maximum possible radiation reaches the substrate.

Control of the lamp wave length is also unique with the MMT drying system as we do not use an SCR control to change lamp intensity because this also changes the wave length as well. Instead we energize the amps at their engineered wave length turning additional emitters on to increase power as required.

Because the operator can select which emitters they operate at the desired wavelength, lamp life is increased and long wave emissions that create unnecessary heat are eliminated.

Included with the system are the following major components.

Electrical Control Cabinet
Touch Screen Remote Operator Control
Upper Exhaust Hood & Lower Exhaust System
Cassette Style Infrared Drying Head with Rack Mounting
Heated Air Knife System
All Wire Harnesses and Hoses Required to install The System

The MMT infrared Drying System is a proven product that insures optimum drying at all press speeds and with all substrates. The life expectancy of the infrared lamps supplied with the system range from five to ten years depending on the operating time of the press and the monthly maintenance done to insure that the lamps are free of possible spray powder and paper dust build up.