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Non-Stop Delivery Systems

The MMT Non-Stop Delivery Curtain allows for the uninterrupted flow of printed material from the press during delivery pallet changes. With the Non-Stop Curtain fitted to your press the MMT delivery curtain can be deployed at press speeds of 10,000 IPH or more so a single operator can handle pallet changes. When deployed the roller curtain supports sheets coming into the delivery until the pallet change is completed which typically takes 40 seconds or less. When the empty pallet is raised into position the roller curtain can then be retracted and the printed sheets can continue to accumulate on the pallet until the load is again ready to be changed.

Because of the distinct differences between the board and commercial segments of the printing industry MMT has designed the Delivery Curtain with a descending feature so that heavy board can accumulate to a maximum height of seven inches. The Delivery Curtain is primarily designed for carton presses where changing loads are more frequent and offset is less a factor when the device is retracted. This however does not prevent commercial printers who typically run medium weight substrates to take advantage of the Delivery Curtain. In the case of commercial printers the Delivery Curtain is supplied with smaller diameter rolls to better support the substrate while reducing potential offset.

The Non-Stop Delivery curtain is available for both new press and retrofit installations. The drive system to deploy and retract the roller curtain varies on the width of the press but in any event deployment and retraction is accomplished in less than one second. Major components of the system include.

Electrical Control Unit
Delivery Mounted Remote Operator Panel
Curtain Frame Assembly
Comes with all wire harnesses and hoses customer need only provide power to the electrical cabinet.

Non-Stop Delivery Systems are available for Mitsubishi 40" , 51" and 56" presses as well as Komori 40" LS and RP Press Models. Regardless of which type of press you have the results will be the same, increased productivity and profits.

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