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In-Line Coating & Drying System Ryobi 520 Series Press Models

Prior to the development of the In-Line Coating and Drying System, Ryobi 520 series press owners who did not have an in-line tower coater were left with the following three choices if their customer wanted a coated piece:

1) Send the work out for coating.
2) Run coating or varnish through the print unit then add a conveyor system for drying purposes.
3) Purchase an off-line coating and drying system.

The negatives associated with these choices include the fact that coating services are expensive and not always timely. Running coatings or varnishes through a print unit usually requires an additional pass because a print unit is lost and conveyors are very slow. Lastly, off-line systems are typically very expensive and primarily designed for larger format printers.

Recognizing the above, we wanted to develop a product that would not eliminate the use of a print unit, that transports the sheet with a gripper system, provides a jogger/stacker system that was up to Ryobi standards and could be added to an existing press without retrofitting at a reasonable price. All of these requirements were answered when we looked at the possibility of using existing Ryobi parts as the basis for developing and manufacturing the In-line Coating and Drying System. The resulting product of this concept, the MMT In-Line Coating and Drying System, attaches to the host Ryobi press in the similar manner as the Ryobi numbering and perforating unit. The unit is gear driven by the press and includes an anilox roll coater with integrated doctor blade and blanket cylinder assemblies that have been installed to work in conjunction with the Ryobi impression, gripper and delivery systems. The main frame has also been extended and the Ryobi jogger/stacker moved to the end of the unit to allow for a full infrared drying system to be installed. The substrate is transported through the system by Ryobi supplied gripper assemblies and delivered to a jogger/stacker also manufactured by Ryobi.

Included with the In-line Coating and Drying System are the following major components:

Main electrical cabinet
Full operator controls for press, coating and drying functions.
Anilox roll coating system
Full infrared drying system
Coating circulation system
Lower exhaust system
All wire harnesses and hoses required