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Ultraviolet Curing Systems

MMT offers air cooled UV curing systems that are effective and don't cost a fortune. Our systems are designed to be mounted in the press extended delivery or upsweep. The UV lamp housings are rack mounted for easy removal for maintenance and lamp changes. Heat produced by the system is controlled in two ways. First the lamp housings are design to allow for the heated air and odor to be drawn across the housing and then exhaust both from the building. Secondly a water cooled plate placed beneath the lamp heads is used to absorb the radiation from the UV lamps so there is no migration of the heat to other parts of the press.

Included with all MMT UV Curing Systems are the following major components.

Electrical Control Cabinet
Touch Screen Operator Interface
300 or 400 Watt Per Inch Air Cooled Drying Heads
Rack Mounting System with Air Exhaust
UV Exhaust System
Water Cooled Heat Plate With Water Chiller
All Wire Harnesses and Hoses Required

Adding in-line UV curing is really a requirement to remain competitive in today's market place. MMT can provide with the proper system without costing you an arm and a leg.